Sex first or second?

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Relationships boil down to two types- sex first talk second or talk first sex second. My gay cowboy wants the second but his newest friend is pressuring for the first. What should he do? From WIP After Glow.

The Birth of Ideas

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People ask where I get my book ideas. It’s really simple. I get them from my own want, need, and lust. That’s what so great about being a writer.

Being the Good Man

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Gray’s biggest problem is being a good guy. Saying no comes hard if he can help someone else. From work in progress After Glow.


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Reading a book right now that brings to mind cruelty to the common comma and non-consensual comma use


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I’ve discovered staring at a computer screen doesn’t get a story to write itself. Strange that. Maybe I need an eye superpower.

M/M Romance

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2200 words written, now coffee. I was up past 1am in the morning immersing myself in the story to see where the romance was headed. Now my head is pounding with dialog and story arcs to get down. Looks like my cowboy might be finding a bit more than a soul mate in the big bad city. He just might have two guys falling for him at the same time.


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The only time I want to clean the bathroom is when I should be writing.


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