By day I am a librarian, by night an erotic writer with romantic overtones to my work. I wish there was a purple cape to wear while I write. It feels like I’m a covert librarian writing the very material my library would never carry and censor. I have been married for fifteen years to the person of my dreams which is probably why I write erotica. I want to get her turned on and very, very happy. The odd thing about our marriage is that we both are transgendered. When we got married we were in different bodies with different sexes. Talk about your odd marriage, but the changes we went through and the experiences garnered infiltrate and affect my writing, giving me an intriguing view on what women and men experience at the height of erotic tension and passion, to say nothing of my interest in altered states and the paranormal.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. That is amazing. I got to looking around your FB page and was indeed confused about ‘your wife’. LOL! Congratulations on your journey, your marriage and your writing.


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