Meaning of Life

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When someone’s online tag line says “Not here right now” what does that mean? The bit and bytes skittering across the Internet to make those words appear on my screen probably went through Timbuktu. So my friend isn’t in Timbuktu or India? 🙂


Penis Pop Anyone?

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Digital Photography

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I’m looking out my window. The sun is striking the fountain as a gentle breeze blows the water into a misty veil the skitters across the lake surface. Palms are swaying and white illuminated clouds layer on top of a robin’s egg blue sky. Taking a photo wouldn’t work. What I want is a camera that take a photo of how I sensually and emotionally experience the view, not simply what is present. Now that would be an incredible piece of technology.


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After glow is more intimate to me than sex itself. Sex is about losing yourself in endorphins. After glow is about losing yourself in another body and mind. The person has seen you as naked as you get, and yet they still hold you in their arms blemishes and all without the sex games and sex talk. Two people seeing each other in every way, knowing each other in every way.

Unemployment Blues

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Feeling down in the dumps. Nothing makes me feel more worthless than looking for a job in this economy with a Masters in Library Science. I.E. there are no jobs. And I’m over qualified for what is out there so I don’t get interviewed.

Penis and Religion

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My wife has this on her tag line right now and I just love it: Religion: The belief that an all powerful entity which created the expanse of time and space is very interested in what is done with the individual human penis.

Tonya’s Tales

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The lovely Tonya Kinzer, Erotic Romance Author, is kindly having me on her site this week for an interview and chat: Come check it out and join in the conversation. Hope to see you there. 🙂

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