Gay Romance

Taking a short break between my last finished book, House Call, and my current work in process has allowed me to think long and hard about what I want from my new piece. I knew starting in that I wanted to have my first pure gay romance story. In Take Bi Love, two of the central male characters had their love realized but the theme running through the story focused more on bisexual people. Not this one. Working title After Glow is new for me. There is only one love story and it is pure homosexual from the get go. But that isn’t the only difference. To date, all my books are R or X rated and the sexual energy is active right at the beginning of each book. After Glow is taking a different path. I’m already at seven thousand words and innuendos haven’t even been dropped. This is much more a traditional romance story of two people finding each other and falling in love. Sex will come in, sure, but it isn’t an erotic tale first and a romance tale second. After Glow is going to reverse that. Taking place in New York City, it is about a man moving from Kansas to city life in hopes of finding a man to share his life with. Nothing more. Love is the driving force and everything else window dressing. The one thing I am trying very hard to do is make these characters feel so real and modern that you could be sure to see them on the street if you just looked hard enough. More importantly, these characters are all of us, real, full bodied, full emotions, modern people working and living in the same world as the reader.

~ by amberrosethompson on October 21, 2012.

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