Medical Play

It is ironic, as a writer, when life imitates art, specifically erotic fiction. My current work in progress is a lesbian medical erotic tale of a power tussle. The woman, Corrine, locked to her hospital bed by leg braces and an IV is at the mercy of her nurse, Emma, who is all too similar to a nanny she had as a small child. Emma is determined to give Corrine exactly what she needs whether Corrine wants it or not; and, Corrine is determined to get the better of Emma but can’t move.

And so, yesterday I had the un-joyful experience of going for a CT scan with injected radioactive dye. I had thought the tech would inject me and that would be the end of playing needle games in my body. I am a firm believer that if there are needles involved I should be the one doing the poking. But oh no, without telling me he had me set up for an IV and there I was tethered to medical equipment without my knowledge and unable to move save on command. I might be rather harsh on Corrine in my writing, but I felt a special bonding then and there. God it was awful, but not as awful as what was to come.

As the dye enters the body, the first thing you notice as the victim, is a strong metallic taste and smell. Yes, the drug takes over two senses right away and then goes for a third. A paranormal heat travels through the body and goes everywhere; yes, I do mean everywhere. I thought my clit was going to explode with heat, and not the good kind of heat. This heat felt evil and not of any realm I’d like to know, more a devilish realm. My body broke out into a sticky sweat and I could feel my heart beat speed up as the tech moved my gurney into the bowels of the SOMATOM Sensation 16, the name of my CT scanner. All I can imagine is someone thought Barbarella should be a sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey when they came up with that idiotic name.

The test didn’t last that long, but the aftereffect is still with me and leaving me shaky, ill, and light headed, not so unlike the state submissives are in after play, but for me it is medically induced. I certainly can see why medical play would be someone’s fetish, but it isn’t mine, not unless I get to be the doctor.


~ by amberrosethompson on July 31, 2012.

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