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When M. Christian asked me to join this illustrious group, I was taken aback. It felt like such an honor and approval of my writing. My first book, Tied To Passion, came out in September of last year and I am still figuring my way around the world of eBooks. Of course I said yes immediately. You don’t ever say no to such an opportunity. I hope I can bring the new thoughts and ideas to this blog that he wants. I’ve always had a fondness for the Victorian era and erotica so the merging seems quite natural to me. Case in point, the book Tipping the Velvet did just that and is quite popular. It was even made into a movie so it must be important. 🙂

A bit about my focus. I noted early on in my time within the BDSM community, that there are always people looking to be dominated but fewer people willing to do so. This leaves a dearth of people ready to exert power over others. And that power is so desired by the majority that there is a jockeying to find a dominant or dominatrix.

I wish to help fill this need through my writing. All my books involved power games, dominance, and submission. If you are waiting for the perfect play or life partner, in the mean time I hope you can find him or her in my books. Amber Rose Thompson

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~ by amberrosethompson on July 30, 2012.

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