Scherezade’s Gift

One of my first happy memories is being taken by my mom to the library for story time. I wore a huge, ugly eye patch but none of the librarian’s gawked and the other kids were too fascinated by the story to watch me. I was happy and don’t even remember what the story was. Growing up, books were my haven and the place I ran to to escape. I never understood why some people acted like books were dangerous until I was older. I decided to write Scheherezade’s Gift to play around with the idea that books could corrupt. Taken to the extreme, a kinky, erotic romance sprouted into being. In Scherezade’s Gift, a reticent woman finds herself drawn into the realm of forbidden passion by reading 1001 Arabian Nights. Scherezade reaches out to the protagonist through the book and snares her to be a sexual plaything of the Gods. Well if you say books are dangerous then let’s make them that way.

~ by amberrosethompson on June 11, 2012.

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