Publishing Industry

Went to BEA (Book Expo America) today. It was an eye opener. Last year there were no free books that I could find and no free candy. This year the complete opposite. I got so many free books that I had to call my wife and have her come in to save me from my greed. My amazon wife carried them all back to the subway, then ferry, then up the hill for me. Not to mention there was free candy everywhere. I take this to mean that the publishing industry is improving which should be a good sign. It means people have enough money to buy books. Yay!. Psst, that means you can buy mine too.

But here is what I do think is odd: who shows up. I hadn’t thought about it until I noticed Ellora’s Cave nestled in among all the squeaky clean sellers. And let me tell you the guys at the booth were nice, charming, and had huge biceps. It’s sad, but I remember the biceps. So it got me to thinking why aren’t there more erotic publishers? Librarians are a kinky bunch and while we might not put those type of books on library shelves we certainly do read them at home. I’d like to see more publishers at this type of event which would help remove the stigma associate with dirty books.

~ by amberrosethompson on June 7, 2012.

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