Gynecological Visit- An erotic short story

Sophia winced as the door shut, leaving her alone with the exam table. The damn thing took up all breathable space. She fiddled with the ties keeping her hoodie cinched around her head. There was a metal tray next to the table that coldly shined from polished steel, and it held up an assortment of weaponry. Was the gynecologist really going to use them on her? Did the Hague Convention know such things existed? Her legs clenched protectively in her baggy sweat pants.

Grudgingly she put her purse down on the floor and started to pull her arms out of the sweatshirt and tug it up over her head. Locks of shiny brown hair stuck to the fleece lining, and she had to press down on her hair to stop it from looking disheveled. The inevitably male doctor probably saw thousands of women a year, but she didn’t want to be remembered as the one with unruly, wild hair that looked electrified like in the pictures of a mad scientist.

Folding her hoodie and sweatpants neatly on top of her purse, she extracted her feet from shoes and socks, leaving her red laced satin panties and bra for last. If a nurse came dashing in, she didn’t want her ass or pussy on view for anyone in the hallway. It was bad enough that the people in the waiting room knew she was going to be naked.

Donning the crappy paper gown, she fought with the plastic strips to keep it lashed around her body, and only then did she reach inside to unclip her bra and snake the panties down her legs. She jumped seeing the red slink down over her feet, and gently bent down to add them to the pile of embarrassment. On second thought, she tucked her undergarments between the hoodie and pants. No one needed to see her selection of lingerie.

Now there was nothing left to do but shimmy onto the table and figure out what to do with her legs. If she let them dangle, she’d feel open and easy, but if she sat cross-legged then too casual. Eventually, she decided on crossed legs and folding her hands on her lap for a more proper ladylike appearance.

She tried to memorize the posters on the wall alerting her to dangers of unprotected sex, but despite strenuous efforts, her eyes wandered back to the stirrups. Why did doctors put little socks on them? Did they think that made them less of a bondage implement? Was she supposed to think ‘oh how cute’ versus ‘God in a moment I’ll be trapped in those’? Clearly, it was a male doctor move. And while she was at it, whoever designed thin robes for places kept at subarctic temperatures? It was probably another damn misogynistic man attempting to show dominance over the female form.

Ranting was warming her up, but a wrap at the door stopped the next harangue. Her body froze into a solid mass with still beating warm inner core as the door creaked open and a white coat breezed in.

It wasn’t sexist that Sophia noticed the legs of a dancer’s dreams first. In truth, she was looking down to avoid eye contact. But the legs went up and so did her eyes, taking in that the white coat ended at upper thighs with no proof a miniskirt existed underneath.

Sophia wasn’t appreciative of the fact her legs untwined and started dangling from the table until the doctor spoke.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Glad to see you’re more comfortable now.” The doctor winked at Sophia’s legs. “I’m Doctor Harding.”

Sophia blushed and pressed her knees together, fumbling to shake the French manicured hand offered to her.

Doctor Harding settled into the sole chair pressed between table and wall, her coat brushing against Sophia’s knees as she rolled the chair out to face Sophia.

Sophia licked her lips, unsettled by the warmth spreading from her legs towards her pussy and mystified that her eyes were travelling to check out if the doctor was wearing a bra.
Whether it was a bra or blouse, a glint of bronze peeked out from above the doctor’s coat’s top button.

Doctor Harding placed a small, long fingered hand on Sophia’s knee. “Here for your yearly checkup?”

Sophia tore her eyes from the dimpled cheeks and clear blue eyes to blink at the hand on her knee and stutter a yes.

“You look quite healthy to me.” Doctor Harding squeezed her knee, a lone finger stroking the inside of the thigh. “Call me Gloria.” A strawberry blonde eyebrow rose.

“Sophia…” This was idiotic, Gloria wasn’t her type; Gloria wasn’t male. Had to be a form of white coat syndrome feeding off the fact she was about to be vaginally probed.

Gloria stood up, forcing Sophia’s legs apart to give her somewhere to stand. She placed a hand on each shoulder and started pushing Sophia down. “Let’s get you on your back so we can begin. Just relax and I’ll take care of everything. Okay?”

Sophia lost the ability to answer as her head bounced off the table.

Gloria’s breasts grazed Sophia’s stomach while using Sophia’s pelvis to stand back up. Sitting down in the chair, she cupped first one of
Sophia’s heels then the other, firmly placing them in the stirrups and keeping Sophia’s legs spread wide apart, knees bent up out of the way.

Sophia’s eyes bore into the ceiling. No one had put a painting up their so she counted the swirls in the grey-green paint. She was up to ten, when her clit was squeezed out of its hood, drawing out a yelp from her clenched lips.

“Inspecting the skin for discolorations, can’t be too careful. People seldom check themselves out fully enough to notice changes. And it is such an important part of you, no?” Gloria let her clit go, the hood sliding back up but no longer covering all of the flesh filling up in a rush of blood.

Sophia squirmed on the table, her butt cheeks pressing together hoping to draw her legs in against the stirrups.

“You are sexually active, correct?” Gloria probed her labia, pressing out the folds and tugging them away from Sophia’s body.

“Yes.” Sophia tried to scoot away, but Gloria’s fingers locked, holding her lips captive.

“Calm down. I know this is uncomfortable but you are responding so nicely. No nerve damage, plenty of blood flow, you perk up quite nicely.”

Sophia thought she was going to drown in perspiration, but a moan escaped her throat and try as she did to clamp down on her lips the sound was already out there burning a hole through her eardrums and making her want to dash out of the room regardless of clothes.

Gloria released Sophia’s lips, letting them crinkle back into place. She layered her hands on Sophia’s mons and pressed down. In bent forward position, Gloria’s breath scampered over Sophia’s clit.

Sophia’s legs tried to squeeze against Gloria, but instead of pushing her away, Gloria’s hair fell forward dusting Sophia’s skin into a tingling frenzy.

“Let me know if there is any discomfort.”

Sophia’s lungs seized on an inhalation and held.

“Come on, breathe nicely for me.” Gloria lifted one hand, the remaining fingers massaging her mons.

Sophia spluttered.

“A bit better, but no hyperventilating, we need you to take in a good flow of air for all that warm blood of yours.” Gloria’s free hand cradled Sophia’s pussy and a finger flicked its way in.

Sophia levitated off the table, only her confined heels and the hand on her mons keeping her grounded.

“Good, good. You have full sensation here, but does it go all the way in?” Gloria rotated her middle finger, the thumb coming to rest on the clit.

“What are you doing?” Sophia floundered on the table, her hands clawing the sides and ripping into the paper sanitation covering.

“The G spot is an essential part of any woman. I believe everyone one should know where it is. This is for educational purposes, my dear. Just lay back and relax. The exam will be over soon.”

Sophia could feel Gloria’s finger curve up towards the ceiling, hooking her as the thumb began rubbing her clit. She would have sworn Gloria was trying to get the two fingers to meet. Her body jerked as fiery heat erupted inside her, making her thighs sweat and liquid bead up around her opening.

Glory rubbed the liquid onto Sophia clit and intensified the stroking, making her clit retract inward under pressure then spring back out for more, again and again.

Spine spasming, Sophia thrashed riding a wave of stabbing shocks that scorched her stomach, legs trying desperately to kick. Stirrups and Gloria’s hand kept her pinned as her G spot was hit with rapid strikes until she was convinced the G spot and clit were igniting. In human combustion, Sophia screamed as white heat scalded her flesh and a throbbing explosion made her rocket off the table, fading out thoughts.

Gloria removed her hands. “Very good. Quite pleased with your test results. You’ll have to come back next week for the breast exam of course.” Gloria stood up and patted Sophia on the knee. “Get dressed when you are ready and come out. The receptionist will schedule the appointment.”

“What, what was that?” Sophia slipped on the paper with her wet hands working to get her body upright.

“That was my quickie five minute appointment. Next time I would prefer if you scheduled a longer visit. I can’t do a full checkup in such a short period of time.” Gloria smiled, opened the door, and let it close behind her.

Sophia watched the closed door, but nothing happened. Releasing herself from the stirrups, she slumped to the floor to get her clothes. Damn doctors for always being in such a rush.

~ by amberrosethompson on May 31, 2012.

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