Here is the synopsis I wrote today for my new project. What do you think?

Synopsis of Injection (Book One of the Injection Trilogy)
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
By A. A. Thompson

Good seven A.M., April first, two-hundred-fifty-three A.P. The current temperature is seventy-nine degrees. High today will be ninety-five degrees with a point five percent margin of error. Sky coverage is thin for ultraviolet rays with no chance of precipitation. No known allergens are in bloom at the time of this report and medications are not being altered. Water allocations are being kept at normal Spring levels. Have a good day. It is now one minute past seven. Report over.

The year is 253 A.P. (After the Peace); the country Concordia, though some old souls still refer to it as the U.S.A. All is good and bright with the world: literacy is at an all-time high of one-hundred percent and crime is at infinitesimal levels, too low to measure.
After the years of strife brought on by global warming, wars, and food depletion, Peace is once again in control. While the slogan ‘Our Bodies, Our Betrayers’ is still recited in school, it is only as a reminder of what once was, the bad times before the Peace ruled down with benediction and saved the communities.

Cyn is a good young teenager living in one of the communities. She is average in school, average in height, average in looks, and perfectly mannered. Her hair is always neatly trimmed and her actions do not draw attention to herself; but now, things are changing.

Change is bad, and for her potentially deadly. It is one month to the day before her fourteenth birthday and she wakes up already having a crime to commit, a crime so heinous she must weave a web of lies and deceit around her that will touch and stain her beloved sister and mother.

Her sister and mother are perfect, but Cyn can feel the change of adulthood upon her and she must hide it. Worse than plans on hiding her growing chest is that she’s scared of what will happen if she doesn’t- the INJECTION.

While children above the age of three are on the pill, she will now be put on the shot. That very alteration to her life brings waves of terror and dread, convincing her that the Devil must control her; for, who but the bad and dirty would fear the injection and becoming an adult, perfect in words, centered in actions, and clear in thought? The injection protects all from the aggression that once ruled the earth, and life is now Peace with the protection. She should be happy, peaceful knowing she can now be a full member of society, but the fear has crept in and whittled away her convictions. Not even her daily pill and prayer cycles can bring her back to Peace.

Convinced Peace is beyond her, she tries to craft a way of getting away from the Injection, but thinks are not what they seem in the community and those she believes are trust worthy have plans she cannot fathom.

Take the Doctor’s son, Caden, he has been chosen as her husband by the computer system and her betrothal is next month, but no one has told her yet; or Caden’s servant, Adrien, who says one thing to Caden and acts differently behind closed doors.

It is Adrien that gives Cyn an out, a way to escape the community and the injection, but the path he leads her down is dangerous and possibly lethal. At the end of book one, Adrien has succeeded in getting her to a camp. The camp, though, is filled with people claiming to want to help her, so why doesn’t Cyn feel welcome and safe? The answer to that more fully emerges in Book Two (Detonation) and is finally resolved in Book Three (Assassination).

While Injection (Book One) can stand on its own, the complete outlines for the next two books are written to create a full-story arc. In Detonation (Book Two), Cyn discovers her escape with Adrien was a set up to make her a fall-guy for a terrorist plot, the purpose of the plot to put people on higher injection dosages and start the pill at birth.

The plot fails for the time being but Assassination (Book Three), brings back the unlikely character of Caden who fulfills his marriage oath by saving her from execution by getting her in touch with a fringe group that works an underground railway. Cyn doesn’t trust Caden, but her only option is to put her life in the hands of this unknown man, Pax, that Caden introduces her to.

Pax leads Cyn out of Concordia into Canada after many harrowing escapes and an attempted assassination of her. The assassination is a harbinger of what is to become her life. Feeling guilty of those she left behind, she speaks in front of the Canadian government to have Canada put pressure on Concordia to loosen the border patrols.

While Canada might succeed with pressuring Concordia, Cyn knows her life is going to be hard and filled with battles. Assassination ends with her talking to her first and only friend Pax, working side-by-side with him to make the world a better place each hurdle at a time.

So would you read this first book and want more?


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