Point of View

I’ve never learned more about point of view than with my current story, working title Club Ltd. It all started when an idea of an interesting vampire protagonist came to mind. I thought to myself he’d make an interesting character for a short erotic story. The problem was after I wrote the short story the character got greedy and wanted more. So, I decided to let him have a novella of his very own. Things got worse when a half of the way through the story I was taken by an insane idea to change everything to first person. After days of work I decided I didn’t like it and wanted to reverse back to third person. I’ve changed the viewpoints so many times now I feel like this character is playing mind games with me. I can’t figure out if I loathe him, like him, pity him, or wish him dead. He can be quite an ass but oddly charismatic.

~ by amberrosethompson on April 20, 2012.

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