Never Talked About

Having gone through the process of transitioning from female to male, I’m sometimes shocked, amazed, and horrified that certain things are simply not discussed, as if they are taboo. The one I find most egregious is the reality of the first testosterone shot. I was told I wouldn’t feel much or anything at first and that any changes would be slow in coming. How wrong THEY are, to a dangerous level. I remember trying to sleep the first night after my shot. I lay in bed trembling. My mind was a foreign terrain, disconnected from the reality I had known. The thoughts and emotions I had grown up with were fading and different senses and sensibilities were coming on line. I didn’t know how to handle or process the sudden change in perception brought on by testosterone. My wife had to hold me while it felt like I was having a nervous breakdown. I’m sure not everyone feels the effects so rapidly and suddenly. I’m told I absorbed the testosterone faster than expected. But it brought two things to mind. One, why we say women and men are different. Two, that there needs to be more communication, honest communication.

~ by amberrosethompson on April 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “Never Talked About”

  1. You are a brave person. Thanks for sharing this.

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