Turn Off

Magazines, websites, chatrooms, etc. are all based on the fact that we get turned on through our senses. Perhaps it is a high heel shoe or a fishnet stocking. Maybe it is a high pitched squeal. What we don’t do is reverse the conversation. What turns you off? For me it revolves around smell: too much perfume, cigarettes, excess body odor. My libido appears to be intertwined with my sense of smell.


~ by amberrosethompson on April 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “Turn Off”

  1. Definitely smell. I’m not saying that in an “everyone must be perfectly manicured and odorless” sense where anyone who smells like a human being is automatically out of the running, but just that a person’s smell matters. If anything is covering up their natural smell — cigarettes, really acrid perfume — or they are so sweaty they smell gross, that’s definitely a deal-breaker. It’s tied to taste for me; if I can smell something on you, I’m going to be tasting it on your skin.

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