Pareidolia of sex

Pareidolia is the human condition of seeing the human face everywhere, even when it doesn’t exist. Who hasn’t looked at a tree trunk, or up at clouds, or even at a mound of dirt and seen a human face staring back at them because the shadows or colors clearly show two eyes, a nose, and maybe a mouth? It is an ability hardwired into us. We don’t have to think about it; it just happens. It’s probably even a survival trait.

Writing my latest story about a vampire and a human interacting, made me think. In the story right now the two are being intimate but he is fully clothed and drinking her blood. And yet, it can be written as if he is having an orgasm. This lead me down a train of thought about pareidolia. Is there a paredoilia of sex? Can we see sex in all the things around us? I think we can and do. How else does advertising work so well?

~ by amberrosethompson on April 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Pareidolia of sex”

  1. Wow…You are inspiring growth in me…Thank you for your creative & intelligent mind…Wheww..Learning continues!!

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