Beloved Onto Death

My fifth book is now out: Sanya’s Nights.

Her nights were filled with ghostly presences and unforgettable lovemaking. Sanya couldn’t sleep after the tragic death of her fiance. Then she met Xander. Xander had the hots for her big time. To him it was true love. But all Sanya wanted from him was sex, in the hope of curing her insomnia and the disturbing dreams sleep brought. Yet once the deed was done and she returned to bed, Sanya’s mind begs to play tricks on her again, and she begins to have intoxicating, disturbing dreams about her boyfriend. Dreams that seemed to be taking her away from this reality – perhaps into madness or death. When Xander comes to rescue her, Sanya is unsure of what to make of him until he confesses his secret crush on her. But can his love prevent her from being swept away by her fiance into the world of dreams, will she end up in a mental ward – or worse dead. His only hope is to help her free herself from the spell woven by Sanya’s Nights!

~ by amberrosethompson on March 17, 2012.

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