Facebook and Censorship

Most people reading my blog have probably figured out I’m an author. I write BDSM influenced paranormal (mostly) erotic romance, and I’m not embarrassed by it. I don’t tell people I work with but that is in order to keep my job not because I’m ashamed of what I do outside of the paycheck.

I didn’t want to, but I created a Facebook account to reach out to more people and try to get interest in my work. What I didn’t expect was to come to heads with Facebook itself. It is normal for authors to use book covers as their photo identity on Facebook. Not only does it serve as a form of advertisement but it exemplifies who we feel we are as writers. I, like so many before me, did just this. The photo in this post is the one I used. Sure it isn’t PG, but there is no nudity or harshness either- two people being intimate with the premise that there is more to come.

Last week I got slapped down by Facebook. My photo was removed and I was lectured about community standards and decency rules. There was no outlet for me to petition this and I was told if I kept putting up photos like this I would be shut down.

I was reeling at my first taste of censorship and it has left a very bitter taste in my mouth and a lot of anger. It was also a very good definition of exactly what Facebook is. Facebook pretends to be a social networking platform, but in reality it is a rich kids dream of dominating and controlling how the world interacts and who they interact with. Freedom of expression does not exist on Facebook and never will. Speech is watched over and sanctioned by the people offering the service. Remember that the next time you are told who you may or may not offer friendship to or what you may talk about.


~ by amberrosethompson on January 29, 2012.

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