Civil Rights and Love Meet

Still reeling from last night. Well to be honest I didn’t get home until early this morning. I had the honor and privilege of being invited to attend an evening wedding last night. A little back story first. I had previously sworn off weddings as being fake adornments of love, one-up-manships to rub in the face of others in a lavish waste of money which would be better spent as a down payment on an apartment or house. I was proven wrong last night. Weddings really can be as magical and fabulous as we believed them to be as children. For this to occur, New York State finally decided to provide civil rights to all.

Gacin and Jonathan celebrated their 16th anniversary together last night in front of over 60 people and an officiant. For the first time, their anniversary came with the gift of civil rights. Now that New York State has joined the small group of states that pay attention to the Constitution of the United States, Gacin and Jonathan were able to legally tie the knot and be pronounced husband and husband. What an incredible way to celebrate 16 years of love and devotion.

I’d always heard that people cried at weddings but never had myself. Well last night was a first. I cried and witnesses what a wedding really could be.

The event was in a renovated old brick quintessential New York City building made into a dance studio with wooden floors and spacious interiors. And what a physical expression of the night. Marriage is an old ceremony, but last night it was renovated by law to include everyone whose heart has been touched by another.

Thank you New York State for finally opening your eyes, and thank you Gacin and Jonathan for opening my eyes.


~ by amberrosethompson on January 29, 2012.

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