No Rules

So vampires interest me. As a made up creature, we hold all the power of their creation. We are their Gods. If we want them to be seven feet tall and green we could do that. We don’t, but the point is still there that we are the designers of vampires. They live from our pen on paper or fingers on keyboards. Nothing in the real world infers their existence but the dark recesses of our fears and desires find safe expression in how we portray the good and the bad of vampiric power. Writing an erotic short story right now between a half-mortal woman and a full vampire, I’m in love with vampires. I don’t have to worry about being too harsh, pushing lines too far, or being too dirty in language because, hey, this is a vampire we are talking about. Sure a human might not be supposed to act this way, but we are talking vampires so our normal rules go out that window. And that is where all the fun lies.


~ by amberrosethompson on November 23, 2011.

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