Romance What is Missing

You take the average romance book of a bookstore or library’s shelf and begin to read. Yes there is a couple fighting their emotions and eventually succumbing, but something obvious is missing. Here we have two flesh and blood people emotional enough to fight their passions and then fall prey to them, but what about the truly obvious? Where are their genitals? You would be hard pressed to find one person on this planet, let alone the number of couples populating all the romance novels ever written, that don’t have genitals. Face it we are a horny species with our year round breeding season. So why is this missing from most romance books? Why do you have to go to a special, adult only section, to get true romance that involve all ‘parts’ of an adult person? The castration in regular romances is troublesome. Sure we’d like to think the person sharing a life with us wants more than in our pants, but the truth is most people are also horny and a balanced relationship involves more than chit chat and dating with all clothes on. I think it is time that erotic romance wasn’t considered an abnormal form of romantic stories but the norm.

~ by amberrosethompson on April 13, 2011.

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